Bihar: Nine People Die After Car Collides With Container, Kaimur District

Recently, a tragic car crash incident happened in Bihar and it is reported a total of nine people were killed at the incident scene. Yes, everyone in the car lost their lives in the accident to the incident place and this news is making headlines on the news channels. It is attracting the attention of people and netizens who are hitting the search engines to know more about this accident. Several questions have been raised related to this accident and it is making a buzz. Our sources have gathered all the details related to this crash incident and mentioned it in this article, so read it completely.


As per the exclusive sources, the news of this accident is making headlines because nine people were killed in this car crash incident. The authorities made their involvement after getting the reports about a speeding car colliding with a container in Kaimur district of Bihar in the late hours of Sunday. It is reported that a vehicle was going from Sasaram towards Varanasi but unfortunately, it became the victim of this horrific accident. The vehicle went out of control and collided near Devkali village in the Mohania area of ​​the Kaimur district of Bihar. Swipe up this page and keep reading…

Nine People Die After Car Collides With Container

The police department stated that it was a car collision incident that happened when a car collided on National Highway 19 at Devkali village, near the Mohania police station in the Kaimur district, Bihar, India on Sunday night 25 February 2024. The car was traveling from Sasaram to Varanasi when it ran out of control and hit a motorcycle. The vehicle veered out of control to avoid the motorcycle and hit the container. The accident also killed an SUV driver and a bike rider. Keep continuing your reading by scrolling down this page…

It occurred when the vehicle attempted to avoid a motorcyclist and unfortunately slammed into the divider, it collided with a container approaching from the opposite direction on the road. In this accident, two vehicles were involved and they have been identified as an SUV and a biker. A total of nine people died in the accident but details are private and not shared publicly. The bodies have been sent to Bhabhua Sadar Hospital for post-mortem. The investigation is ongoing and Mohania Sub Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) Dilip Kumar is continuing the case. We will update our article when we get more information. Stay connected with dekhnews.com to read more articles on the latest news topics.

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