BS BASSI Former Delhi Police Commissioner Now Join UPSC As Member

BS BASSI Former Delhi Police Commissioner Now Join UPSC As Member :- Joining the Politics after retiring is not a new concept in India. Many individuals have joined Politics after finishing their career in one field. Actress ,Actors, and Cricketers like Hema Malini , Jaya Bachan, Jaya Parda ,Smriti Irani and Raj Babbar, Dharmendra and Cricketer like Navjot Singh Sidhu have joined the Politics after retiring from their perspective fields.


Now the man who recently joined this club is Former Delhi Police Cheif B S Bassi . This 60-year-old retired officer, on Tuesday, joined the Union Public Service Commission.

Bassi’s tenure as Delhi commissioner was quite controversial.According to sources, the news was coming of clashes between the Bassi and APP Government party.

Bassi openly spoke against New Delhi’s Cheif Minister Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, News of rifts between the two were very common during the tenure of Bassi as commissioner of Delhi.

Even Congress  accused Bassi, for supporting BJP party and especially Prime Minister “Narendra Modi”. They even called Bassi as “BJP Agent”.

Bassi is well known for being playing the major role in JNU controversy and he was  responsible for arrests sedition between lawyers and the supporters of Kanahaiya Kumar.

On Tuesday, UPS announced the news of BS Bassi joined their Political party. Bassi who was in 1977 batch IPS Officer of Arunachal Pradesh -Goa-Mizoram.

Bassi will have a tenure of five years with the UPS and will basically serve till 2021.

Bassi’s joining a Political party came as a surprise to many peoples. No one ever has thought that Bassi will join the UPS.

Instead, there were allegations that Bassi will join the BJP party as he always against the Arvind Kejriwal and he does not have the healthy relation with the Congress Party.

Also, rumours were there that Bassi was very much interested in joining Country’s top anti-graft agency. Because of the strong opposition by the Congress Party,  Bassi was not recommended for the same position.

Now when Bassi has finally joined the UPS party ,now expectations on him as raised and now we can only wait and see how Bassi will play in the second inning of his life.