CM Chouhan Stops Convoy To Aid Accident Victims In Bhopal

MP Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan is in news again for his humble and compassionate nature. Some videos are viral as the CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan stopped his motorcade after witnessing the three injured youths and provided help at once. This is not the first time that CM has won the hearts of people through his noble works. The incident happened on Saturday, April, 22. It has been reported that CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s motorcade was passing through Khanugaon in Koh-e-Fiza. Be with us to know more about the latest info.

It has been reported that a car met with an accident on the VIP road near Khanugaon. The CM’s cavalcade was on the way to attend a function in Bhopal on Saturday. A speedy car overturned and met with an accident on the VIP road. As the convoy noticed the incident, the CM directed them to visit the accident site. As the crowd also gathered, various videos visiting a road accident site to assist victims can be seen. CM Shivraj Ji guided the cops to provide the victims with proper medical facilities. As per the reports, the car was occupied by three persons.

CM Chouhan Stops Convoy To Aid Accident

CM Chouhan Stops Convoy To Aid Accident Updates

The persons were evacuated safely, while the car was damaged. The videos and pics helping the accident victims by CM are viral on social media platforms. It is also reported that CM’s cavalcade was on the way to Lalghati Gufa Mandir in Nayapura, Bhopal. It has been reported that the car rolled over a divider due to its high speed. CM stopped and visited the sight to help them. Again a noble cause showed why CM Shivraj Ji is so popular among the masses. The three youths were rushed to hospital and are out of danger now as per the reports.

It had been in news many times in the past also that CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan helped many accident victims as they noticed during their processions. People always praise him for his noble approach to helping out. This time also he was so alert and instructed the cops to rush the victims to the hospital. He never waited for the ambulance services and escorted the victims in one of his own vehicles in the past also. Good deeds are always admired by people whether they are by any renowned person or any common man. Be updated with us with the latest news. Stay tuned always.

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