Complete Guide to Play the Ludo Board Game

If you’re looking for a fun, family-friendly board game to enjoy, you should definitely check out Ludo! This game is simple to learn and can be played by all age groups. In Ludo, each player takes control of a set of four tokens, which they move around the board according to the roll of the dice. The goal is to be the first player to move all of their tokens to the finish line. Here is a complete guide to play ludo real money earning game

About Ludo Board Game

Ludo is an ancient board game that is believed to have originated in India. The game is simple – each player has four pieces, which they move around the board according to the roll of a dice. The aim of the game is to move all of your pieces home, and the player who does so first wins.

Ludo is a board game for two to four players, with friends and family, which is very easy to learn how to play. The aim of the game is to move all of your pieces around the board and into the finish line first. Players take turns to roll a die and move their pieces accordingly. If a player lands on a piece of another player, that player is then obliged to move their piece back to the starting point. The game is over when one player has successfully moved all of their pieces into the finish line. For the essential group gameplay it has, ludo is a fun way for friends and family to spend time together and enjoy. 

There are a few key ludo rules to remember when playing Ludo in order to give yourself the best chance of winning. First, always make sure you have enough pieces to reach the finish line, and keep track of how many pieces your opponent has left. Second, try to block your opponent’s pieces as much as possible, and prevent them from reaching the finish line. And finally, use your pieces strategically to gain an advantage over your opponent. Following these tips will help you win more games of Ludo!

Guide To Play Ludo Board Game Online

Here are the steps to play ludo board game online with friends and family. 

  1. You get limited turns in a match.
  2. Your pawn moves forward based on the number that appears on the cube.
  3. Each tile moved gives you points.
  4. If you land on a tile occupied by your opponent, you kill their pawn and absorb its score. The killed pawn goes back to its starting position.
  5. When pawns reach home, their scores are multiplied.
  6. If 2 or more pawns of one color are on the same tile, they create a safe zone and cannot be killed.
  7. You get an extra cube roll if you get a 6 on the cube or your pawn reaches home or you kill an opponent’s pawn.
  8. The player with the highest score wins the game. 
  9.  The match ends when all 4 pawns of any player reach home.

Benefits of Playing Ludo Board Game 

Online ludo has the following advantages:

  • Play ludo anytime
  • Play ludo anywhere on a smartphone
  • Enjoy the game with family & friends
  • Play ludo with online community of gamers
  • Enjoy limited time period games
  • Experience fun & exciting gameplay
  • Save time, play more
  • Win real money rewards
  • Get cool game avatar
  • Earn in-app rewards & bonuses
  • Continue even when a player drops out

Steps To Download Ludo Board Game

Want to download your favorite ludo game? Here is how you can do it!

  1. Search for ‘ludo download app’ or simply, ‘ludo download apk’ on google. 
  2. Or go to the app store for iOS and type, ‘ludo apk download’ or ‘ludo earning app download’. 
  3. Once you see results that appeal, go to the site and start ludo app download.

Once you have downloaded the ludo app, remember to follow these:

  • Sign up and collect bonus or free cash, if any.
  • If there is no cash, add money to your wallet.
  • Play on higher tables to win more money.
  • Withdraw some and keep the rest as a second source of income.
  • Play responsibly and with the amount you can afford to put at stake.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions on ludo, the board game. 

  1. What is ludo game?

It is your casual board game played between two to four players. All players have their respective coloured houses with 4 pawns each. What does the name ludo mean?

Ludo in Hindi means ‘Pachisi’, which means the number ‘twenty-five’ because 25 was the highest number of points a player could get in the game.

              2. How to win a ludo game?

To win, a player must move all its pawns to home and get the maximum points.

              3. What are the common terms in ludo?

Some of the common terms in ludo online are pawn, home, star tile, shield tile, etc.

              4. What are the best ludo tips and tricks?

The best ludo tips and tricks are to know the game rules and then win the game by moving pawns across the board to reach home.

              5. How to download a ludo game?

To download the ludo apps, download apk from the website and start playing.

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