Crash on Highway 411: Crews Working Deadly Crash on Sevierville Road CCTV Footage

Today we are going to talk about a terrible crash in which three vehicles were involved. This news is rapidly circulating on various social media pages and there is a video also shared about this crash which is also running in the trends of the internet and news. It is said that this crash crash was so terrible and lots of questions are raised related to this crash. This crash attracts the interest of many people who are now curious to know more about this crash. In this article, we shared the complete information and also talk some more related to this crash, so read continuously and completely.

Crash on Highway 411

The information about this crash was shared by the Officials with the Seymour Volunteer Fire Department and they also shared that this crash was a deadly crash. This crash incident took place on Sevierville Road or Highway 411, at Raintree Road. After this crash, the highway is closed for a time period and the investigation is ongoing but not much information has been confirmed or shared. There are some pictures also shared of this crash that shows the collapse of three vehicles. Scroll down and read continue this article to know more about this crash incident.

Crash on Highway 411

After this crash, the authorities started an investigation and the officials closed the highway as crews worked the crash. The Deputies responded to the three-car crash with the Blount Co. Sheriff’s Office and this investigation is still continuing. Now the highway road would be closed for a particular time period and they asked drivers to avoid the area and find an alternate route. Currently, no information is shared that anyone passed away in this crash and there is not much information has been cleared related to this crash. We will update our article after receiving more information related to this crash and mention it in our article soon.

It is said that the news about this crash is shared by Blount County Sheriff’s Office through the medium of a post on the Twitter platform. As per the sources and information, this crash occurred at 10:04 pm on 21 May 2023 but this is not confirmed yet. It is shared in the post that “The Deputies are continuing to investigate a three-car accident on Sevierville Road at Raintree Drive. The roadway should be open within the hour. Thank you for your patience.” The reason behind this is still unknown and no more information is coming out. Stay tuned to dekhnews.com to get more articles.

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