Delhi: 3 Drunk man died because Train ran over them

Delhi: 3 Drunk man died because Train ran over them: You all should know that the train incidents in India aren’t over now. Reports are coming that in Monday morning, around 7: 15 am, the Bikaner-Delhi Express ran over the three drunken men, near the Nangloi Railway Station. Overall, here you can’t say that this incident is happened because of the government’s mistake. You can’t blame railway station authority and other people for the mistake of these dead drunken people.

Yes! Reports are coming that DCP of the railway has suggested that the three trespassers were in an inebriated state and might have consumed the alcohol on the tracks. Overall, if they were a dunk and were passing the track then it’s there mistake, no doubt, but what if they weren’t drunk?

For now, you all should know that the deceased has not been identified because they were like totally dead. The railway protection force, the local government police employees, and the civil police rushed to the spot as soon as they were informed about the incident. You all should know that there was nothing left to do because the train was long gone and these dead people were not even in the condition of recognition.