Delhi: AAP Government is agreed with old wages, DTC bus service strikes goes on

Delhi: AAP Government is agreed with old wages, DTC bus service strikes goes on: As you all may know that Delhi’s AAP government is in trouble because of the Ola, and UBER strike. Now the sources are claiming that a lot of buses under the state-run Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) were off the road because of the employees of the corporation are observing a strike for a want of better wages. Yes! You all may have seen that Delhi people were in trouble because the buses were out of the road. Some you may know that the protest comes despite the Delhi government invoking the Essential Services Maintenance Act (ESMA).

DTC workers’ strike may cripple Delhi’s bus fleet on Monday

As per the reports, this whole thing or drama by the DTC and Delhi government has caused the problem to the normal office people. You all may have seen that the DTC employees are demanding higher minimum wages and the implementation of same work same pay policy. We have noticed that all central trade unions (AICCTU, AITUC, AIUTUC, CITU, HMS, INTUC, TUCC, SEWA, LPF, UTUC, MEC) except BMS have supported the DTC workers ongoing movement.

Also, you all should know that the government even said that they have restored the minimum wage rates prevailing before August 4, 2018. Also, they have added that the accounts of the employees are credited with the amounts deducted since August 4, when the Delhi High Court had struck down the AAP government’s notification on increased minimum wages. Also, the reports are coming that the working president of DTC employees union already cleared that they will keep agitating till their demands are met.

You all should know that the whole thing is affecting the Delhi people and we have seen a huge rush towards the Delhi metro today. If you were or are going to travel to Delhi today then stay at your home because the DTC isn’t working. Some of you may know that companies like Ola and Uber were already on strike last week.