Delhi Air Quality This Week: With smog covering around, Delhi’s air quality turns ‘severe’

Delhi Air Quality This Week: With smog covering around, Delhi’s air quality turns ‘severe’: You all might know that Delhi isn’t a good option anymore for the people who are planning to live there. Now the question is why? You all should understand that the air quality is going poor there day by day. Things aren’t working for the Delhi Air Quality as expected by the people. You all should know that the colder day isn’t working, but the quality is better than we expect right now.

Some of you might know that the National Capital isn’t looking as good as expected. If we talk about the Delhi Air Quality then we can say that this season the mercury dropping to 7.2 degrees Celsius, isn’t improving the quality of the air. The city should brace for colder days ahead as the minimum temperature is likely to drop to 6 degrees Celsius by the middle of the week, confirmed by the IMD.

Colder days, marginally improved air in Delhi over next few days

Now, if we talk about the temperature then you all should know that Delhi has seen the lowest temperature day yesterday. Last, on December 8, the night temperature had dropped to 7.6 degrees Celsius. You all should know that the season’s normal minimum temperature is around 8 degrees Celsius. The drop in minimum temperature is attributed to the cold westerly winds and snowfall in northwest India.

Also, the reports are coming that the strong winds did not let the fog become dense. The visibility wasn’t good in the Delhi Airport around 500-600 meters. On Monday, the visibility is likely to range between 500 meters and 999 meters. Also, the IMD has said, “The fog has downgraded to shallow because wind speed has picked up. Shallow fog is likely to occur over the next two-three days. It may increase to moderate only around December 20, when some clouds are expected.”