Latest News: Delhi Diwali Firecrackers Banned in Delhi NCR

Well, sometimes it is really hard to understand that what is really Political party is doing and for which purpose. As you all know that a few days back Delhi government decided to ban Firecrackers on Diwali and everybody shared their reactions on this news. Even, some big political party members didn’t like this decision and they shared their thought about it. Overall, we accepted this decision because it is beneficial for our environment which is good.

New Delhi: People buying fire-crackers near Jama Masjid in old Delhi on Monday. The Supreme Court has banned the sale of firecrackers in Delhi till November 1. PTI Photo by Vijay Verma (STORY DEL42)(PTI10_9_2017_000197B)

Now, one very serious question arrives after that big decision of government parties that they are really in a mood for the positive environment or they are just playing their political card. We are asking this question because they banned firecrackers because it effects the environment which is good but Farmers in Punjab and Haryana resort to stubble burning every year around October to clear the left over from the Kharif crop and make their fields ready for winter farming which could be the reason of air pollutions too.

Delhi Diwali Firecrackers Banned in Delhi NCR

Nobody is thinking about this situation as they know that banning this could affect the political career. Also, some reports are saying that this is not just for the people even for the Delhi air pollution which is rated “very poor” already before the Diwali. As per the reports, if this type of pollution is still happening then what well it makes to ban the firecrackers.

The farmers say that’s the only option they have and have decided to continue doing so. “We have no option but to burn stubble to be able to sow again and have taken a decision to continue doing so,” As you all know that just blaming them for this problem is not the solution to the problem. We all should think about it that how they can make it deposed without burning it and even in the cheapest way.

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