Delhi: Monsoon isn’t finished yet, rain expected over the weekend

Well, if you think that dry spell is going to stay forever then you are wrong, reports are coming that rain will make Delhi wet again. Yes! As per the India Meteorological Department, the monsoon is far from over and Delhi is likely to witness another wet spell over the weekend. You all can witness rain in Delhi in this upcoming weekend. Reports are claiming that the dry spell is going to be end soon.

IMD said, “We are expecting another spell of rain between October 21 and 25. A low pressure that has developed over the Bay of Bengal is likely to move westwards and reach northwest India during that period. It is likely to trigger some rain in Delhi and other parts of NCR.”

As you all may know that Delhi has seen its last rain of this season on October 9, but it isn’t last. Reports are coming that the Safdarjung station, considered to be a representative of Delhi’s weather, registered 5.8 mm rain on that day. But since then, over the past eight days, the city hasn’t received a single drop because of which the mercury level is rising.

Reports are also claiming that the maximum temperature was recorded at 31.5 degrees Celsius on October 9 and it went up because of no rain, and it is expected that the upcoming weekend will be little good for the Delhi people. Meteorologists said the rising heat index is adding to the discomfort level and making the weather muggy. Heat index or ‘humiture’ is a measure of how hot it really feels when relative humidity is factored in with the actual air temperature.