Doon’s Preparation for Yoga Day; Ready for PM’s visit

Doon’s Preparation for Yoga Day; Ready for PM’s visit: Well, as you all may know that International Yoga Day is ahead and this year Dehradun is all set with the preparation because they are hosting the event for the whole world. Now, if we talk about the preparation then we can say that International Yoga Day is underway at the Forest Research Institute (FRI) campus in the city, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi is all set to take part in the event on June 21.

Reports are coming that the FRI campus was closed for the visitors and they did start the preparation for the Yoga day. In the preparation, while women officials led a ‘Walk for Yoga’ through the main roads of the city to motivate people to turn up in large numbers to ensure its success. You’ll see the preparation for the day on a large scale in the city for over a week to organize the yoga day function here.

You’ll see the administrative officials visiting the venue on a daily basis to see if everything was in place. Few routes, from where the prime minister’s convoy is likely to pass, is being repaired on a war footing with the potholes being filled up, a fresh coat of asphalt being laid on them and the dividers being painted afresh. You’ll see

Reports are saying that FRI campus will remain closed for 19 to 20 June because various measures are being undertaken to clean its premises, spread over an area of about 500 hectares. All kinds of waste, including polythene and plastic litters, will be collected and disposed of over the next two days, it said regretting the inconvenience caused to the people by the closure.