North Delhi Gang War: 3 Dead, 5 Injured As Bullets Fly On Streets

North Delhi Gang War: 3 Dead, 5 Injured As Bullets Fly On Streets: Reports are coming that three persons including a woman, were killed during the gang war of two gangs in North Delhi. Also, the sources are updating that five people were injured in broad daylight on the streets of Delhi. Some local are referring that, Shots were fired from two SUVs – a Scorpio and a Fortuner during the busy marketplace at Burari in north Delhi. The police said members of two local groups, the Gogi gang, and the Tillu gang, fired at each other from their cars around 10.15 am.

You all should know that these two gangs are responsible for the cases of extortion and murder in the whole City and nearby states. Also, the reports are suggesting that a 37-year-old woman who was in the vicinity was caught in the firing and died of bullet wounds. Two men from both the gangs were also killed in the firing. Also, the police collected the CCTV footage in that you’ll see a man stepping out of a white SUV and running just after another man can be seen limping.

Also, the reports are coming that one of the gangs was emerging after a gym session when the firing started. Also, the police reports stated that members of the Tillu gang, who were in the Scorpio, were hit by the other SUV. You all should remember that they aren’t doing this first time there have been previous instances of shootouts between the two gangs.

Some reports are suggesting that they did more than  15 murders. The rivalry between the leaders of the two gangs – now in their twenties – began in 2010 during the Delhi University student union elections when they were hired by the students to help them fight the polls. Also, the most wanted Jitender Gogi, is missing and carries a reward of Rs. 2 lakhs.