East Bay Carquinez Bridge Accident On I-80 Lane No Casualities: Reports Says!

An accident happened at the California Highway which shocked everyone where a separate vehicle crash occurred on Tuesday which blocked traffic on Interstate 80 and Highway 4. The Carquinez Bridge Accident was so serious and dangerous by which the driver and the driver of the vehicles died at the spot and lost his life in this harsh accident, the nearby people rushed to the spot to check out the accident and to rescue the person who got injured in this accident. They inform the police about the accident and after that the California Highway Patrol police along with the emergency services to find out the cause of the accident and rescue the person who met with an accident. Stick with us to grasp all the updates and information about the accident.

East Bay Carquinez Bridge Accident

The whole accident happened at around 9 PM and shortly the CHP officers reacted to reports of a car fire and collision at the eastbound I-80 lanes on the Carquinez Bridge which is just east of the Pomona Street exit. The Department of Crockett-Carquinez Fire firefighters also rushed to the spot and reacted to the incident stating to a social-media post that two vehicles’ fires had been received and that many ambulances were on spot.

After that at around 9 PM the CHP issued a Sig-alert carrying with no expected time of opening the road and the roads got diverted eastbound traffic west at the Cummings Skyway and the roadway’s two left-hand lanes opened at around 9:55 p.m. while all lanes of the vehicles to up and own will open at around 10:50 PM. The officers proposed eastbound Highway 4 to northbound I-680 and the Benicia Bridge as an alternative route for the vehicles.

Later, at around 9:40 PM, the CHP officers reacted to reports of a body in eastbound Highway 4 lanes which is at the McEwen Road on-ramp where they found that a subdued Harley Davidson motorcycle along with the rider of the motorcycle lying in between the lanes carrying many injuries on his body after meeting with a solo crash and after that the rider of the bike declared dead at the spot. Then the officers of CHP declared a Sig-alert locking many eastbound lanes at around 9:55 PM with stating no expected time of opening the roads but after lots of struggle and efforts, it will open at around 11:45 PM. The Carquinez Bridge Accident is under investigation and surely it will reach a conclusion very soon.

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