Lewisham Accident: A Woman Fighting For Her Life In Serious Condition: Reports

A very harsh and serious accident takes place on Morely Road near the junction with Lewisham High Street where a car got crashed with a pedestrian by which the driver of the car and the passenger who was in the car gets seriously injured and got serious damage on her body by which she was taken to the hospital where she is treating under the supervision of many doctors who gives their best to treat her best and to recover her from the life-threatening injuries. The people who witnessed the Lewisham Accident Today got shocked after seeing the accident and rushed to the spot to rescue the people from the accident where they found that the woman who was inside the car got seriously injured and suffering from life-threatening injuries. Stick with us to collect more updates and information about the accident.

Lewisham Accident

The whole accident happened on Morely Road near the junction with Lewisham High Street where an accident has happened between a car with pedestrian after a lorry hits the car from the backside and the woman who was inside the car is fighting for her life in hospital after getting serious injuries on her body which results in dispensing of excessive blood from her body. The accident took place at around 1:30 PM on 23rd November 2021 on Tuesday.

The police along with the emergency services reached the spot to find the cause of the accident and to rescue the woman who met with the accident and after reaching the spot they took the woman to the hospital for rescuing her from the life-threatening injuries. The woman is in the hospital and is under the supervision of the doctors who treated her best to save her. There is no new health updates of the woman regarding her accident.

After the accident, the key road is closed both ways between Ladywell Road and Molesworth Street and the traffic controllers and the police attempted their best to clear the roads and after lots of struggles and efforts, they cleared the roads and opened the traffic to move in both directions. The Lewisham Accident Today is under investigation and surely it will reach a conclusion very soon with the help of the investigators who invetsiagted the case, till then stay tuned with us.

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