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Every singer always wants to appear in the New York Times Square and all the singer’s dream is to come at the Times Square for which they make their song more entertaining and valuable to the listeners. There are a lot of musical stars who were appeared in Times Square and not from abroad there are several Punjabi Stars who were appeared on the Square and with their amazing and incredible singing, they reach that international height and sets their trademark amongst all the singers and stars of the musical community. In the list of the Puianjbi Stars, we saw Diljit Dosanjh’s album named G.O.A.T poster on the Square along with him we saw Himanshi Khurana’s song posters and many more who reach that height with their hard work. Now, in this list, a new has added who is a power-packed vocalist of Punjab named Afsana Khan who recently seen at the New York Times Square.

Afsana Khan Features On Times Square billboard

The Titliyaan famous singer named Afsana Khan recently surfaced on Times Square and her picture on the Square goes viral on the internet and collect much response from fans and supporters and also, the singer herself posted the pic of herself in the Square on her official social media handles with a pong caption about how she feels proud and getting little emotional after seeing this because she can’t even imagine that she will reach to that height and in the caption, she really looks very happy and little emotional. The star thanks all the supporters and fans for always encouraging her to reach that level of height in her whole career.

Afsana Khan posted her pic which is appeared at Times Square on her official social media handle with a long wrote caption in which she said that this achievement is her biggest and greatest achievement till her career. In addition to this, she shared that she can’t even imagine that she will reach that level in her entire career and hard work paid off today, first of all, she will thank God for giving her this achievement in her life and her family is always stood up with her in every situation and also she would like to thanks her team for giving her best gift and also she thanks her love for always encouraging her and every dream will fulfill only with hard work. Recently, she has done a collab with Sidhu Moosewala for his new album named Moosetape. Stay tuned with us.

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