Bigg Boss 13

Bigg Boss 13 27th November 2019 Updates: Sidharth Shukla Becomes the Captain of BB13 House

Bigg Boss 13 27th November 2019 Updates: Sidharth Shukla Becomes the Captain of BB13 House: Today at the TV reality show Bigg Boss 13 we will see two contestants’ Asim Riaz and Himanshi Khurana will be seen discussing something. It is the highlights of Day 54 when at the TV reality show Bigg Boss 13 it is one inmate Asim Riaz will declare another inmate Himanshi Khurana as one of the most beautiful ladies in the entire house. It also indicates the fact that in the TV reality show Bigg Boss 13 house there can be love happens between Asim Riaz & Himanshi Khurana which is also giving us goosebumps.

Bigg Boss 13 27th November 2019 Episode Written Updates

On the other side at the TV reality show Bigg Boss 13 we will see cute masti between the two friends and the co-contestants such as Shehnaz Kaur Gill and Siddharth Shukla.

It is indicated that perhaps, alongside, Asim Riaz & Himanshi Khurana, it is the inmates and the friends of the TV game show Bigg Boss 13 Shehnaz Kaur Gill and Siddharth Shukla can also spread some love and affection in the air which is also somehow enough to give some love goals to the audiences and the fans and the Bigg Boss 13 lovers anyway.

BB 13 College task resumes. Sidharth is now their Chemistry teacher while the rules remain the same. On the other hand, Paras and Vishal try to convince Asim to give Vishal’s apple back but Asim denies and says that they can try all their might to get it back.

As soon as Hindustani Bhau’s lecture ends, Paras jumps at the opportunity of grabbing the apple from his hand even before he decides to give it to his favorite student.

Mahira and Shefali get into a heated argument and criticize each other. Vishal plays the mediator and tries to stop Mahira. But she loses calm as she finds Vishal supporting Shefali but not her. Today is special day as it’s Himanshi Khurana’s birthday.  Bigg Boss cancels Himanshi’s captaincy for the week. This was a bad day as she had to face such a bad incident on her birthday.

Something attractive and eye-catchy point of the tonight episode in the Television soap opera Bigg Boss 13 is that tonight we will see the two close friends Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaz Gill Will go for the cute pillow fight which looks so delightful and funny anyhow.

It shall be yet to see how the inmate called Arti Singh will take the super and more friendship between Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaz Gill because these days, she is not going well with Sidharth Shukla.

Even Arti Singh and Sidharth Shukla once were mates at the TV reality show Bigg Boss 13 is just having a formal relationship and also once Arti Singh went in the panic attack after she fought with the Sidharth Shukla.

Another promo of them tonight for the TV realism series Bigg Boss 13 displays that there shall be a conflict and fight between Hindustani Bhau and Vishal Aditya Singh.

The conflicts between Hindustani Bhau and Vishal Aditya Singh will happen at the college task. In this verbal argument, Vishal asked Bhau that he should not mess with him.

And regarding this Vikas Bhau replies to the Vishal that he should meet with the Bhau in the outside of the BB house and the outside Bhau will showcase to the Vishal who he is and his real face.

How conflicts occur at the BB house?

This is because Hindustani Bhau has been drawing Mahira’s lips on the board and on seeing this gesture of the Bhau, Vishal will be asked to him that he should not pass comments on other but Bhau has been seen laughing.

Now Shehnaz will be asked to the Bhau if he thinks Mahira has big lips and regarding this Bhau will give replies that he just likes Mahira’s lips which is the main reason verbal argument and fight will occur between, Bhau and Vishal.

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