Range Song Full Video: New Punjabi Track 2019 FT. Udhey Grewal & Afsana Khan

Range Song Full Video: New Punjabi Track 2019 FT. Udhey Grewal & Afsana Khan” Presenting a new song teaser “Range” which has been sung by Udhey Grewal and Afsana Khan together. How the Punjabi songs have set their existence among all types of songs such as Bollywood industry songs. How this captivating song is having a teaser and also it is stimulating to all for pulling themselves towards it. As we know that Punjabi songs with their Dhamakedar music have elated to all of us.

Range Full Song Video

It is inescapable for knowing that when this top-notch song will be released? Also, the fans of Udhey Grewal’s song are being considered while raising a question the same. But you all are being informed that hold your heartbeat till the 29th of November because the full video song is going to release on the same date.

Several fans are waiting for this new top-notch Dhamakedar lyrical Punjabi song “Range” eagerly. They all are connecting their hops when they first watch the teaser of this song that when this song will be released. Now guys the date of launching this video song has been declared.

It seems that the Punjabi songs are on the cradle while launching their captivating song for the people. These Punjabi songs are being considered stark valid for the contemporary generation and also for making them feel over the moon.

The song “Range” which is going to come out on the 29th of November 2019, has been sung by stop-notch singer Udhey Grewal and Afsana Khan together. How these Dhamakedar Punjabi songs are being seen on tough of younger to the youngest child for posturing in front of the gorgeous girls.

According to the contemporary era, these Punjabi songs are too apt and valid because this present generation loves to watch the video of Punjabi songs.

Now the time for waiting for this rhymed lyrical Punjabi song has been broken by the makers, So guys wait just for some days because the is going to unveil o the 29th of November 2019

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