Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss 17 Elimination 26th January 2024 Today’s Written Update: Who Got Eliminated This Week

Today, we are back to share the next episode’s written update (26 January 2024) of the most popular reality show Bigg Boss. It is an Indian Hindi-language reality show and also the Indian version of the Dutch reality game show, Big Brother. This show has entertained the audience for the last 17 years and generated a massive number of fans worldwide. This show has released a total of 16 seasons and is currently, ongoing with its 17th Season that marks the show as BB17. Let’s continue your reading to learn about what will happen in the upcoming episode and we will try to cover every single piece of information.

Bigg Boss 17 Nomination

The upcoming episode is linked to the last episode of BB17 and will begin with Rohit Shetty continuing the dangerous game of reality checks and questions with the top 5 finalists: Abhishek, Ankita, Arun, Mannara, and Munavvar. Ankita has been seriously accused of being a hypocrite in the game and acting differently from what she has presented about herself through her story. Rohit says that everyone including him is confused about who is the real Ankita as she is showing two completely different personalities in her game. Swipe up this page and continue your reading…

Bigg Boss 17 Elimination

After Ankita, Abhishek faces criticism for his past behavior and Rohit Shetty criticizes him for raising his hand on a woman, despite how bitter their relationship has become. Abhishek remains silent about the cruel comments on his toxic behavior and justifies it by saying that it is his nature. Mannara is accused of changing her friendship whenever someone nominates her and says she expects complete loyalty from the other party. Munawwar is beaten up for lying about his life and relationships through which he has deceived the audience and the people around him. The show started on 15 October 2023 and will end on 28 January 2024.

Fans are waiting for the finale episode and expressing their excitement to enjoy the upcoming episode. The upcoming episode is the 102nd episode of BB17 and it is going to premiere at 10 pm on Friday 26 January 2024. It will also be available to watch on JioCinema where the fans can enjoy the previous episodes. Fans are continuing to support their favorite finalist contestants and waiting for the end of this season. It is expected that the winner of BB17 will be one of Munawar and Ankita. However, nothing can be said too early. We have shared all the available details above in this article. Keep following to read articles on exciting news topics.

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