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Bigg Boss 17 Today’s 22nd January 2024 Written Update: Isha Malviya Evicted

Here, we have shared the written update of the next episode of Bigg Boss which is going to premiere on 22 January 2024 and the fans are showing their curiosity to know more about it. This show is an Indian television Hindi language show that follows the format of a Dutch reality show, Big Brother. In India, this show has entertained people over the last 17 years and it is currently continuing with its 17th Season which is also known as Bigg Boss: Dil, Dimaag aur Dum Ka Game. Let’s discuss what will happen in the upcoming episode of BB17 and this show in this article.

Bigg Boss 17

This show has been getting huge attention for the past few times because BB17 is on the way to end soon. Fans are showing their excitement to know the name of the winner of this season which will be decided from the last six contestants Ankita, Abhishek, Arun, Mannara, Munawar, and Vikki. This upcoming episode is the 98th episode and it will start with the press conference continuing and the contestants facing heated questions from the audience (reporters). Ankita says that Vicky’s relationship with Mannara can never reach the level that she has with her husband because Mannara came into existence much later. One of the reporters asked Vicky why he was so proud of his wealth and the favors he had done for Ankita when he came to the show only because of her. Keep continuing your reading…

Bigg Boss 17 22nd January 2024 Written Update

Vicky replies that he is proud because he is Ankita’s husband and has always shown his admirable side towards his wife. In the show, Mannara is punished for not respecting any woman after which Ankita disrupts the flow of the conversation by saying that Mannara doesn’t know her limits. Ankita becomes silent when Mannara says that she should not speak civilized words as she talks nonsense whenever she fights with others. Munawwar was stunned when the reporter asked him if he always uses girls to play his games on the show. keep reading…

It is the 98th episode and it is set to premiere at 10 pm on Monday 22 January 2024 on Colors TV. Fans can also enjoy it on the JioCinema online streaming platform where the previous episodes are also available. The best part of BB17 is the finale which will take place on 28 January 2024 and fans are so excited to know who will be the winner of this season. We have mentioned all the available details above in this article, so watch and enjoy. Stay connected with to read more articles on exciting news topics.

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