Bruised Drama Release Date Where to watch Streaming App Cast And Plot

Netflix is prepared to introduce “Bruised” a sports drama This film is going to be one of the biggest hits of Netflix ever before, as the makers have already lintroduced this film on the day of the 2020 Toronto International Film Festival, it seems that this film may break many records of the online streaming on the day of release of this film. This movie is bound to be released in November 2021 as per the information given in the trailer of this movie. This article will let all the readers in the swim about the cast, date of release and the broadcasting partner of this upcoming sports drama movie.

Bruised Drama

Cast of the Bruised

  • Halle Berry
  • Shamier Anderson
  • Shamier Anderson
  • Adan Canto
  • Sheila Atim
  • Stephen McKinley Henderson
  • Valentina Shevchenko

Director; Halle Berry

Production houses;

  • Entertainment 360
  • Thunder Road Pictures
  • Romulus Entertainment

Plot of the Bruised; As per the trailer and the other given sources, this is the story of Jackie Justice (character of Halle Berry) who is was accustomed to playing mixed martial arts. But she has stopped fighting in MMA and her manager Desi (played by Adan Canto) has trapped Jackie Justice in an abusive relationship; therefore, she takes to alcohol to disregard all the problems and her relations with her manager. She had given up her child Manny (played by Danny Boyd Jr.); however, the child returns because of the sudden death of his father. After getting her child back to her life, she decides to return to the MMA ring as a wrestler. Now, she has to fight the top-level fighters to make her dream come true.

Date of release

Bruised is a sports drama that is the story of a former MMA fighter who decides to leave her all the bad habits and make a come back in her mixed martial arts wrestling career. The movie has already been screened at the Toronto International Film Festival 2020 on 17th September 2020. This movie has secured much appreciation in this film festival. However, this movie has still not got any screen for the common audience. Therefore; the makers have announced the release of this movie on November 24, 2021.

Where to watch?

The worldwide audience is waiting to watch Bruised because of its success in the Toronto International Film Festival 2020. The audience may watch this film on Netflix on November 24, 2021. The interested audience needs to take the membership of Netflix. This movie is going to be worth watching.

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