Who Is New Yeon Joo? Korean Series One The Woman Character Ending Explained!

The South Korean tv series “One The Woman” is a romantic comedy. This consists of sixteen episodes and the latest episode has been aired, that is the final episode, on November 6, 2021. This episode was broadcast at 10:00 PM; according to the Korean Standard Time, on the original broadcasting network SBS. On the basis of rating, One The Woman has been loved by viewers.

 it seems like this is enough to give goosebumps to the audiences who have appreciated

One The Woman Ending Explained

The South Korean rom-com tv series has finally winded up with episode number 16. The journey of this tv show brings the viewers joy with adorable, hilarious and suspense scenes in it. According to most of the netizens, the show has got the right ending. All and all this tv show is worth watching for the viewers. The ending of this show needs to be explained in parts so as to make the explanation understood.

Han Family

Under the charges of embezzlement, bribery,  tax evasion and many other offences, Chairman Han has been put behind the bars. Sung Hye prepares the master plan and his father comes to know about his daughter’s mistake. As a result, Chairman Han seeks the help of Seung Wook. Seung Wook already has the proof against Sung Hye; therefore, he is of no use to Chairman Han. The Hanju group breaks and they are having no longer any money, fame, and power like prior; later, Sung Woon, Myung Won, Sung Mi, and Jae become social workers. Hanju group becomes an asset of Seung Wook. He separates himself from business politics and decides to cope with pure business.

Sung Hye and the plan of the chaotic team

With the help of a recording pen, Chairman Han recorded everything on that dreadful night. Seung Wook receives the recording pen as proof against Sung Hye by Secretary Kim. Later, the chaotic team, consisting of Yeon Joo, Seung Wook, Lawyer No, Ahn Yoo Jun, and Secretary Kim, decide to take revenge on Sung Hye. Lawyer No fakes on his loyalty for Sung Hye and incites him to kidnap Yeon Joo. When they both confront an abandoned factory, Yeon Joo reveals all the secrets related to the evil dead and Sung Hye admits all the crimes that he has done in past. The chaotic team broadcast the scene live on social media. Sung Hye fakes on her death and plans to escape Vietnam but she is caught by Yeon Joo at the airport. Seung Wook promises to wait for Yeon Joo. Yeon Joo’s father reopens his sushi restaurant and ends up with all the bitters from his relationship with his son.

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