Fukri 3rd / 4th Day Box Office Collection: Total Worldwide Overseas Budget

Fukri 3rd / 4th Day Box Office Collection: Total Worldwide Overseas Budget :- This weekend Malayalam movie Fukri released at the box office and people have mixed buzz towards this flick. As you all know that this flick is featuring Jayasurya in the main leading role. Also, this flick is written and directed by Siddique and his work on direction is looking quite good. I am sure that you all are going to love this flick because of the good acting and story plot.

Fukri is comedy drama movie which is released this Friday at Malayalam box office. People who are coming out to watch this flick are saying the good word of mouth for it. Also, the critics are giving the good reviews to the movie. Overall, till now this flick is getting a good response by the people around the world. Fukri is well-directed comedy movie which is surely going to make you laugh.

First-day box office collection reports are coming positive for this flick and I am sure that the makers are going to get the good profit from this flick in upcoming days. Fukri, an unmitigated family performer, which spins around the extremely blue-blooded Muslim family that passes by the name ‘Fukri’, a representation of periods worth top of the line Royal parentage.

This flick is running with more than 40% occupancy at the box office and collected around 4.60 Crore from the very first day of release. Also, the second-day box office collection of this flick is looking quite good where this flick is collected around 4.00 Crore.

The present leader of the family is Sulaiman Fukri and the story spins around him inviting back his missing grandson and child back to the Fukri cottage. This whole movie is going to make you feel connected with the plot. I loved the way makers promoted this flick in between audience.

Jayasurya plays the role of Luqman Fukri aka Lucky, actor Siddique will be seen in the titular role in the movies.  Crowd reaction is looking quite good for this flick. I am sure that the makers are going to make a good profit from this flick.

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