Is Hana Burzalova Engaged? What Happened to Hana Burzalova? Wiki-Bio Age and More

You must have seen on the internet that the name Hana Burzalova is going viral. The fans of Hana Burzalova are very excited to know whether Hana Burzalova has got engaged or not. Hana Burzalova is not a common name but one of the topmost names among athletes. But before that, if you do not know Hana Burzalova then we will tell you something about her. For that, you will have to stay with us till the end of the article.

Is Hana Burzalova Engaged?

Let’s start with the biography of Hana Burzalova. Hana Burzalova is the World Athletics Champion who crossed the finish line at the end of the 35 km race walk. She is a very hardworking and straightforward woman. According to the information, she is a 22-year-old athlete, and at such a young age, due to her quickness, she won the race in 3:02.47 and secured the 28th position, which is a matter of great pride. As soon as Burzalova reached her finish line, she became very emotional. She has been very motivated about her career. And as much as she had dreamed of this race, which she also fulfilled, but even more than this, there is another happiness.

Is Hana Burzalova Engaged?

Do you know that when Hana Burzalova got another happiness along with winning her race, which she was eagerly waiting for? As we told you above he recently won the 35km race which was the tournament of the World Athletics Championships in Budapest. As soon as Burzalová finished the race walk and reached the finish line, she found her partner Dominik Černý. But the matter does not end there. Dominik Černý put together a wonderful proposal for Burzalová.

Are you also enthusiastic to know the proposal of Dominik Černý then read more.  Dominik Černý proposed to his girlfriend Hana Burzalova while sitting on his heels at the finish line. As soon as Dominik Černý’s proposal video surfaced on social media, his fans gave him the tag of walk race proposal. Fans have fiercely liked and commented on this video and also congratulated Dominik Černý and his partner Hana Burzalova for their new and love-filled life. Hana Burzalova and her partner Dominik Černý recently posted on the Internet another new photo of them both near the Eifel Tower, in Paris. Here, with all of the material, the article comes to a close. Keep checking back with us for more fascinating developments.

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