How and Where To Watch The Masked Singer In USA, UK, And Australia?

How and Where To Watch The Masked Singer In USA, UK, And Australia?:- So, People who are out there from different countries want to see Masked Singer and don’t know where to watch, so here we have mentioned the name of the platforms for a particular country in this article. This show is an American reality singing competition show which was first released in 2019 this is a Masked Franchise that began in South Korea and now this show is getting popular and now people are asking for the details of this news. So, let’s have a look in the next section to know how to see this drama series in the next section.

How and Where To Watch The Masked Singer In USA UK And Australia show is an American


How and Where To Watch The Masked Singer In USA, UK, And Australia?

This show has made people in love and citizens from other countries want to see this show and want to know from where and which platform they can see this show. So, let’s have a look below.

USA Streaming

If you are a citizen of the USA so you can see this series on Fox and if you have a subscription to cable TV so you have to sign in with the cable provider. This channel is also seen without cable as you have to buy a subscription to Youtube TV and which will cost you around $64.99 per month HULU will cost you $69.99 and FUBO tv will cost you $69.99 per month.

UK Streaming

So, this tv series doesn’t air in the UK and the host servings of this show is available and the 4th & 5th season has been ordered and if you want to see this show so this show is available on ITV Hub and which is totally free and you just have to create an account and you will be able to see this show.

Australia Streaming

In this country also this show is not telecasted so in Australia its fourth season is already coming and on this panel, Osher is the host you can watch this show on 10play and you can use the VPN address of the country and you will be able to see the show.

Canada Streaming

The eighth season of this show will be aired on CTV, and at the same time, you will see it in the US. The recent episode of this episode will be seen without logging and if you want to see the older episodes so you can add the VPN of US to your phone.

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