‘Love Is Blind’ Season 2 Spoiler: Is Shayne & Natalie Are Still Together Explained!

Fans are curious to know about the successful couples of Love Is Blind. On the account of the preview of the show, it seems that there are only 6 pairs who have got successfully proposed to each other. In this article, we are going to discuss the story of these 6 couples in this show.

‘Love Is Blind’ Season 2 Spoiler: Is Shayne & Natalie Are Still Together Explained!

Nick and Danielle

This is the first couple from season one of Love Is Blind who got engaged in the first episode 1. As far as their chemistry is discussed, it was very impressive in the show except for some small altercation between them. They remained by side of each other in the show through thick and thin by episode 5. It is difficult to say they will say whether “I do” or “I do not.”

Abhishek “Shake” and Deepti

This is the most amazing pair who developed in the season. Initially, they were not of the type of each other. However; they can be seen in their wedding in the season preview. They are looking up for each other as things want them to tie the knot. It is expected that Deepti is more into Abhishak than Abhishan into Deepti.

Kyle and Shaina

This is complicated but seems to be such a pair that wants things to go fine again. In the show, Kyle said “Yes” to Shaina. Later, he shared his feeling for Shayne that he has a crush on her. As a result, Shaina left Kyle in Mexico and returned to Chicago.

Shayne and Natalie

The couple had come up to the hook up by the efforts of Shayne as Shayne followed his feelings and approached Natalie. Their physical chemistry remained excellent but they had to face some troubles in Paradise due to their contrary personalities. In the season preview, Shayna is seen wearing a suit. However; it seems that their relationship would not last long as both do not follow each other on Instagram.

Salvador and Mallory

As per the preview of the show, it seems that they had to face a lot of problems at the beginning of the show. Nevertheless, they ended up happily together. Mallory is shown in the show wearing a wedding gown and they follow each other as of now on Instagram.

Jarrette and Iyanna

The story of Jarrette seems to be quite similar to that of the Shayan as Jarrette gets involved between Mallory and Iyanna. As a result, he risks his relationship with Iyanna. His intentions were clear to meet Melloy face-to-face in Mexico. At the present time, they all follow each other on social media.

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