Mere Angne Mein Written Updates

Mega Twist! Mere Angne Mein 4th November 2016 Episode Written Updates

Mega Twist! Mere Angne Mein 4th November 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The TV series Mere Angne Mein is yet to showcase now that Shanti’s ultimatum to Riya Nimmi conspires with Kaushalya, advising her to stop Riya from achieving her goals. Later, Kaushalya influences Shanti to give Riya an ultimatum.


The last night episode of the TV series Mere Angne Mein further showcases that Shanti asked Riya to give her the coin of Maa Laxmi as with this coin the Diwali Puja will be done. But Shanti is shocked to that the coin is missing and she now asked Riya to search the coin as it was her responsibility to keep the coin in the safe place.

Somehow after a long searching, Riya manages to search the coin and Shanti did the Puja as well she distributes Prasad and Aarti to the family. Now Riya and Shivam have some cool time together and Nimmi and Kaushalya also see this to have some funny timing.

Now also Nimmi and Kaushalya stop talking with Riya in order to have some leg pulling with her. Riya receives the order to organise a wedding and she gives nod. Riya also happy to receive the order to organised the wedding and Shivam actually help her.

Amit, on the other hand, asked Rani to do not disturbs Sarla as well he said that he need to go somewhere but Rani asked to him that she will be also going with him but Amit just avoids her. Now Rani just sticks with him and Amit said that this is child play but Rani asked to him that she will be going with him everywhere as she feels bored on sitting alone in the home.

Shanti gives a condition to Riya that she has to sort out the issue between Ashok and Nirmala anyway unless Shanti won’t allow Riya to continue her job anymore. So now Riya and Shivam play a trick to bring Nirmala here on the outside of the house.

Shivam speaks like Ashok to Nirmala and asked her to come out of the house. Shivam thinks something sceptical but Riya is very sure about it that this plan will be work to bring out Nirmala out of the house.

Precap: Riya asks Nimmi’s help to make Nirmala out of Sarla’s help. Nimmi says I have a condition, you will tell Shanti that you lost the challenge. Riya looks tensed.

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