Thapki Pyaar Ki Written Updates

#TPK Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th November 2016 Today Written Updates! Bihaan & Thapki get engaged

#TPK Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th November 2016 Today Written Updates! Bihaan & Thapki get engaged :- The TV series Thapki Pyaar Ki is yet to showcase a major mayhem is yet to happen during the engagement ceremony between Bihaan and Vaani aka Thapki. Thapki and Bihaan’s engagement ceremonies are in process when the former puts her plan into action. As per her plan, pandemonium is unleashed when a knife-wielding assailant tries to attack Kosi and gets caught.


However, everyone is shocked when the assailant reveals that he was hired by Naman for the job. Earlier, a jealous Sankar switches the ‘gangajal’ with a live scorpion with the intention of stopping the engagement.

The TV series further showcases that Dhruv asked to Thapki as she plans something against Bihaan to teach him the lesson but still Dhruv is sceptical of it whether it will be works or not but Thapki asked to him that she is very sure that her this plan will surely work.

Now somehow Nirmal and Kosi go romantic and Thapki sees this to turn shocked. Kosi goes panic but she just manages her. Now Kosi asked Sankara to organize the engagement ceremony and she finds something skeptical of Sankara but still she did not reveal anything to Kosi. She also asked Sanskara regarding this something but Sanskara just successfully spares himself.

Now Sanskara kept the insect in the bowl thinking that this insect must bite Thapki but she is not aware of it that Thapki actually plans something else. Now Dhruv sees Aditi as she was working there but shocked to see that an insect is coming towards Aditi to bite her. In that time Dhruv just manages to save her but both of them also come too closes each other which make them romantic.

Eventually, Dhruv throws the insect. Now during the time of engagement, it is Vaani and Bihaan think to do Aarti and Puja and they did so. Afterward, a mysterious man arrives with the knife and he was about to attack Kosi.

Now Vaani shouts and said Kosi Ji, Bihaan, and Dhruv holds the man and Bihaan beat him. Bihaan asked him to reveal the name of the person who gives him money to kill Kosi and the person said that it is Chacha Ji who gives money to kill Kosi. Everybody turn shocked now.

Precap: Bihaan and Thapki aka Vani get engaged and exchanges ring.

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