Naanu Matthu Gunda 15th Day Box Office Collection Total 2nd Week Thursday Worldwide Earning Report

Naanu Matthu Gunda 15th Day Box Office Collection Total 2nd Week Thursday Worldwide Earning Report: Kannada movie “Naanu Matthu Gunda” is released previous Friday at the box office. People are coming out to watch this movie in average numbers. The movie has made around 2.50 Cr total approx from the very first week of the release. We aren’t expecting anything big from this movie. Overall, it is an average movie that is expected to make average bucks for the makers. This weekend new releases are up so we aren’t expecting anything from Kannada movie Naanu Matthu Gunda now.

Naanu Matthu Gunda 15th Day Box Office Collection

The movie will not make more bucks for the makers and the collection reports are going to be steady now for sure. A report suggested that due to the fact that it is released in between a very micro audience with very average promotional is the reason it didn’t make any big bucks for the makers. We think that the movie will do a profit in whatever it collected so far from the box office.

Naanu Matthu Gunda Box Office Collection

The movie has made around 2.00 Cr from the very first weekend of release. After that, the film went downwards and made nothing big for the maker. One thing which you must know that the earnings which are given here are approx and we aren’t expecting that the movie will make anything bigger than our expectations. So, you can ignore this one and can watch better releases.

Naanu Matthu Gunda is a comedy entertainer movie directed by Srinivas Thimmaiah and produced by Raghu Hassan. The movie cast includes Shivraj.K.R Pete and Samyukta Hornad are played the main lead roles while Karthik Sharma scored the music.

Shankar, an auto driver, finds a dog in his rickshaw one day. Feeling repulsive in the beginning, Slowly Shankar starts to warm to the canine. Their emotional bond becomes so strong that they become the talk of the town. But his wife Kavitha begins to feel jealous. Naanu Mutthu Gunda is a heartwarming story about these three lives coming together.

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