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Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding Episode 3 Full EP Release Date Cast Crew & Plot Details

Only four days are left for the upcoming third episode of Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding. This romance drama series is getting a lot of fame due to its unique script, amazing cast’s performance and great direction as well. The first two episodes of the series were full of many interesting and comic scenes and the viewers are not getting enough of these. It is a limited series of eight episodes and its storyline is quite hilarious. Here we have provided you the details of Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding’s upcoming third episode.Nobleman Ryu's Wedding EP2 ENG SUB - YouTube

Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding Episode 1 & 2: Preview & Storyline

The storyline of the series revolves around Joseon Dynasty and it started with the beautiful wedding of Ryu Ho Seon and her bride Choi Hwa Jin. However, on their wedding night the groom becomes suspicious of his bride, which turns out to be valid as his bride was actually a man.

Being in shock, Ho Seon asked the man where is his bride and who was he, on this the man replied that he is Choi Ki Wan, brother of groom’s fiancée. He explained the situation that her sister Hwa Jin escaped away before the wedding ceremony started.

After hearing this, Ho Seon quickly tries to withdraw the marriage, but because of his ailing mother’s wish he couldn’t able to do so. Now, groom and his bride’s brother know the truth and agreed to live together as a happily married husband and wife in front of other until his sister returns to the palace. What difficulties they are going to face next in order to hide this secret is going to make the upcoming episodes more interesting.

Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding Episode 3: When & Where to Watch?

As of now, the first two episodes of this historical, romance-drama series has been released and now the fans are eagerly waiting for its third episode. Now, the Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding Episode 3 release date has been announced and it is going to air on April 22 (Thursday). The viewers can watch the episode on WeTV and LineTV, starting at 12:00 KST or at 8:30 AM. If you haven’t watched the first two episodes of the series yet, then stream the currently available Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding episodes online.

Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding Episode 3: What to Expect?

The upcoming Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding third episode will showcase Ho Seon’s friend Kim Tae Hyeong slowly falling in love with Ki Wan due to her beauty without knowing the fact that the bride is actually a man. Both Ki Wan and Ho Seon find themselves in a complicated position in order to hide the truth and it will become more difficult for them in the upcoming episodes.

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