Watch Online Ride Or Die Movie Online Streaming On Which App Cast Crew & Review

If you are a fan of psychological thriller drama movies, then we highly recommend you to watch the movie, “Ride or Die”. Ride or Die is a thrilling film of Japan that depicts and showcase the love and affection between people of the same gender. The movie also raises the issue of domestic violence and also highlights the struggles the gay and lesbian community faces in a society where loving a person of the same gender is considered a sin. The film made its digital release on 15th April 2021. The running time of the movie is 142 minutes.Ride or Die | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube

The genre of the moive is thriller-psychological drama and is originally based on the Japanese manga series Gunjo which is written by Ching Nakamura. The beautiful screenplay of the movie is done by Nami Sakkawa and is directed under the direction of Ryuichi Hiroki, while Haruomi Hosono has given the music in the movie. The movie was released on 15th April 2021 on the famous and worldwide OTT Platform, Netflix.

Ride Or Die Movie Storyline

The story of the movie revolves around the character of Rei played by Kiko Mizuhara and Nanae played by Honami Sato. Rei is a lesbian and is not ashamed of accepting this fact. She is a well established plastic surgeon and was born and brought in a rich family and loves Mika. Everything was perfect in her life, but a phone call from her sweetheart school classmate, Nanae changed everything. Nanae calls Rei out of nowhere and told Rei to meet her. When Rei saw the dishevelled state of Nanae and saw the bruises and marks on her body, Nanae felt a pang of pain in her heart, as she loved Rei for 10 years.

Later, Nanae got to know behind the pitiful state of Rei. Rei’s husband used to beat her daily and she was the victim of domestic violence. Anger overpowered the system of Rei and she killed Nanae’s husband to show how much she loves Rei. Nanae got scared and panic-stricken and she decided to run away. Rei does leave Nanae and stood with her through thick and thin. In no way, Rei was going to leave Nanae alone and she wanted to protect the love of her life. In the journey of running from all odds, the duo finds themselves developing inexplicable feelings for each other.

Ride Or Die Movie Review

The movie, “Ride or Die” truly showcases the passion, desire, love and many other emotions between the girls. When the movie was released on 15th April 2021 on Netflix, it gained massive response from the audience and was very much appreciated by the critics as well as by the audience. There are only a couple of movie and directors who make movies on the love between Lesbians. The acting of Kiko and Honami has also been greatly acknowledged by the audience and there is no doubt that the duo did great justice to the character of Rei and Nanae. We deeply recommend our reader to watch this highly appreciated movie. One can stream this movie on “Netflix”. For more such news, follow our page.

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