O Pitta Katha Box Office Collection Total Worldwide Daywise Earning Report Till Now

Telugu movie O Pitta Katha is released today at the box office. The film is running with good occupancy at the box office. The film has good content and it is released at a very good time with less competition. You all can watch this new release at the box office and we are expecting that this new film will impress a lot of users for sure. It is a love triangle movie that revolves around Ventaklakshmi, Prabhu, and Krish. O Pitta Katha Movie Leaked Online

O Pitta Katha Total Box Office Collection

It is expected that people love this movie. The film story is quite simple where you will see Krish and Prabhu fighting with each other for seeking Venkatlakshmi’s attention. The movie gives chill and it is quite refreshing for the viewers. Although the storyline isn’t that refreshing you will love it if you enjoy this kind of film.

The film is featuring Viswant Duddumpudi, actor Brahmaji Son Sanjay Rao and Nithya Shetty in the leading roles. Also, you will see Brahmaji, Balaraju, Srinivas Bhogireddy, Bhadraji, Ramana Chalkapalli, Sirisri, and Surya Akondi in important roles. The movie is good to release and expected to make fine bucks for the makers.

O Pitta Katha Box Office Collection

The film has earned around 3.60 Cr from the very first day of release approx and it is expected that it will attract a lot of viewers in upcoming days. The movie is doing great business at the box office. We are expecting that this new movie will make you all amazed and the screenplay work is awesome in the movie. O Pitta Katha is a Telugu movie and the content is quite amazing in the movie.

Prabhu has always been in love with his childhood friend Venkata Lakshmi, but soon Krish enters her life and falls for her too. However, before she can make a choice she goes missing. Are Boys finds her? Is Venkata make her decision and choose a perfect boy for marriage?

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