One Piece Chapter 1026 Spoiler Review Leak Release Date Time On CrunchyRoll Ending Explained!

One of the most popular Japanese manga series “One Piece” has managed to grab the viewers’ attention yet again. Yes, the series is in news regarding the arrival of its upcoming chapter or episode. The fans are eagerly waiting to know when the next chapter of the extremely popular and engaging series will come out. Well, we are here with all the latest information regarding the One Piece Chapter 1026 release date and if it has been delayed or not. Besides, you can also grab some quick spoilers if you can’t seem to hold back your excitement.

One Piece Episode 1026 Review Reddit Spoiler Release Date Time On CrunchyRoll Watch Online

Written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, the manga series has successfully reached 100 published volumes. Well, what makes it even more impressive is that the said released volumes have sold more than 1 million copies each. However, the speculations are rife that the forthcoming chapter of the series will get delayed and it will reportedly go on a hiatus. Though the news has resulted in the die-hard fans going insane as they have to probably wait a week more to read the next chapter. Talking about it, let us tell you that the next chapter aka chapter 1026 will be released on September 26, 2021, around the world.

Yes, on Sunday, 26th September, the readers would be able to find out what will happen in the latest episode or chapter. Along with Japanese, it will also be released in English. Speaking of the timing when the said chapter will get released, it will be dropped at 9 AM as per the Pacific time while at 5 PM BST, 1:30 AM ACST, 6 PM CEST, 12 PM EDT, and 9:30 PM IST on the above-mentioned date. However, the reason why the release is being postponed for a week has not been disclosed yet as the author could be facing some personal problems as well.

Looking back at the previously released chapters, One Piece has always believed in taking short breaks after the launch of every 5-6 chapters. Well, this could be to gain the attention of the spectators or making them hooked with the series. Besides, talking about chapter 1026 spoilers, sadly, no precap is available as of now. Though there are several theories regarding the possible story online that could give a glimpse of what could occur in the next edition. On another side, Chapter 1025 titled “Twin Dragons” had featured Kaidou attacking Yamato in the opening scene only. Here, Yamato and Lucy attack Kaidou together while the latter turns into a dragon at the end of the chapter.

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