What If…? Episode 4 Review Release Date Time on Disney + App Cast Crew And Watch Online

Well, Marvel comics fans recently got to experience a mind-blowing Animated television series named, “What If…?” which is currently running on the popular video streaming platform Disney + for the viewers. This is the first animated tv series of Marvel Studios, the purpose of which is to explore different timelines in the multi-universe of Marvel that show what would happen if major moments from the Marvel cinematic universe movies turned out differently. Obviously, making a movie in this context might be a lengthy procedure as there have been so many historic events in the history of Marvel that making a movie might not be a good idea, for now.

what if

Thus, coming with an animated TV series is something that we should give a huge round of applause to the Marvel studios. The genre of Animated Tv series, “What if …?” is Action-adventure, science fiction, superhero and anthology and is created by A.C. Bradley and initially based on Marvel comics series with the same name. The series is directed under the direction of Bryan Andrew while it features Emmy award winner and American actor, Jeffrey Wright as a watcher who narrates the whole series. So far a total of 3 episodes have been released for the viewers and each episode showcased a different historic event of the past. So what is next in Episode 4? Curious much, are not we?

What If…? Episode 4 TV Series Spoiler 

Marvel Studios who have produced this amazingly spectacular TV series have been quite secretive about every episode they released and still now, apart from the already released episode, no information regarding episode 4 has been released by them, not even the title. However, not to worry as we do have a hint on what might come in the upcoming episode of the “What If” for the viewers.

In the previous episode 3 titled, “what if … the World Lost its Mightiest Heroes?”, we saw that the director of S.H.I.E.L.D, Nick Fury tries to recruit heroes for the Avengers superhero team, however, each of them was surprising killed. As there was no Avenger in to save the world, Loki aka ‘God of Mishief’, also the brother of Thor effortlessly invade the earth and enslaved humanity just as he planned to do in The Avengers (2012)

The next episode 4 is most likely be about Doctor Strange. The fans are going to witness Strange embarking on a strange mission that apparently results in him being deported to another dimension where he faces off against a sinister version of himself. Well, there are a lot of What ifs here and that is what Marvel will figure out for us.

What If…? Episode 4 TV Series Release Date 

“What If…? Episode 4” is most likely to be released on Disney + on 1st September 2021, Wednesday at around 12:00 AM (PT) /3:00 AM (ET) in the United States and 12:30 PM (IST) in India. Follow our page for more latest updates on the same.

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