The Challenge Season 37 Episode 3 Review Live Stream Where TO Watch Channel Name And Streaming App

The famous reality competition show of America, “The Challenge Season 37″ aired on 11th August 2021 on the original network of MTV for the views and in which a total of 36 contestants from different reality shows including, ‘Are You the One?’, ‘The Reak World’, ‘Love Island’, ‘Big Brother’, ‘Ex on the Beach’, ‘Too Hot to Handle’, ‘Paradise Hotel’, and ’12 Dates of Christmas’ are competing against each other for a cash prize of $1 million prizes. The 37th season of ‘The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies” recently aired the third episode named, “Truce or Dare” this week on 25th August 2021, Wednesday and garnered immense love from the viewers.


The format of the show is mainly focused on three aspects, the first being the Daily Challenge, followed by the Nomination procedure and last but definitely not the least, the elimination round. Moreover, another highlight of this season is that this time, the players are divided into two teams which are male and female. Each team will consist of International competitors and American competitors. Throughout the season, the team will also go through the same change. What’s more, this season has this twist in it named “Infiltration”.

The Challenge Season 37 Episode 3 Spoilers

Here, the winners of the elimination round may choose to remain as a team or slip into and choose any non-immune player of the opposite gender in the existing team as their new partner, regardless of their home country. In “The Challenge Season 37 Episode 3”, the name of the main challenge was “Sea Cave Recon”.

Sea Cave Recon was one of the mosts scariest missions, as the competing contestants had to jump 30 feet from a mountain into the sea, then swim into a sea hole, recover two bombs and get pulled by Wave Runner along the coast, then further swim the rest of the way to the game finishing end line.

The winner of this challenge was Ed and Tori, while Jeremiah and Tacha were the voted in Lair contestants while Berna and Corcy L. were the picks of Agency. Out of the contestant who was voted by the other contestants and picked by Agency, Berna and Tacha were the ones who played the Lair game “Slipping Up”.

Tacha, unfortunately, could not make it and lost the challenge. The result of the Lair game was that Tacha eventually got eliminated while Berna is the winner of the game. Berna chose to remain with her existing partner meaning that there was no infiltration that took place in this episode of “The Challenge Season 37”.

After this episode, many internet users congratulated Tori and Ed on their wonderful victory at the Sea Cave Recon mission. They were the newly paired in the show and they certainly nailed the task, however, the elimination of Berna shocked everyone and they blamed it on Elim, stating him harsh. Stay tuned with us for more updates on the same.

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