Explained! Why Did Sam and Colby Arrested? Youtube Personality Sam and Colby Charges!

Popular Youtube personality has gained much attention from their fans after they were arrested by police just a few years ago. Youtubers Sam and Colby gained the huge attention of fans across the world after they were arrested and the news of their arrest was made official on social media. Fans of Colby and Sam are showing their immense curiosity to explore the incident that happened a couple of years ago with Youtubers. Now, this news has become another hot topic on social media and everyone is eager to know about the matter.

Why Did Sam and Colby Arrested?

There is no any updates that why a large number of people taking their social media handles to talk about them and why Sam and Colby get arrested by police. Here are numerous numbers of questions rising on social media. Many fans are unaware of their arrest and they want to know how did it happen to them. Well, there are numerous questions circulating on social media that reveal the reason behind their arrest. We urge our readers to keep reading this article because we are going to share some important information regarding Sam and Colby’s arrest.

Why Did Sam and Colby Arrested?

Before telling about Sam and Colby and why are they arrested, we would like to talk about them that who are they and how did they gain huge popularity on the Internet. Let us tell you that Sam and Colby are popular American YouTubers and their real name are Samuel John “Sam” Golbach and Cole Robert “Colby” Brock. But they both are known by their stage name as Sam and Colby and began their journey with vines.

They have been creating videos since October 28, 2014, when began their channel for the first time. The first video was shared and uploaded on November 13, 2014. They faced several difficulties to make themselves popular in the Youtube community but in the end, they achieved a huge success.

Another side, if we talk about their arrest so, they were released on bail on next morning. They shared the incident by taking their Twitter handles and posted,” Just wanted to say we are both safe and okay, sorry for any worry. After such a long process, Colby’s bond is now paid for (he will be released soon), and we should be both back in California tomorrow”. With this, much more details were not shared on social media. Keep reading to know more details about their arrest.

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