Fatal 4 Way match-up at the Royal Rumble Prediction: WWE Cruiserweight Championship title match

The WWE Cruiserweight Championship is basically a professional wrestling championship generated and sponsored by the American professional wrestling promotion WWE on the 205 Live brand. The tournament was firstly held on 14th September 2016. In the meantime,the current champion or title holder of WWE Cruiserweight Championship is Buddy Murphy, who is in his first reign.

Fatal 4 Way match-up at the Royal Rumble Prediction

Buddy Murphy won the title against long ruling champion, Cedric Alexander, in October at Crown Jewel, and from then he has been giving a great matches ever before. Murphy, in this year WWE Cruiserweight Championship, puts his title on the line in contradiction of not one but three rivals in a Fatal 4 Way match-up at the Royal Rumble.

The championship was initially fortified on Monday Night Raw as part of the Raw brand earlier the opening of the cruiserweight-exclusive 205 Live. After that it was fortified on both of the shows. The 205 Live went through a reformation and subsequent WrestleMania 34, the title turn out to be absolutely defended on the 205 Live brand in the early 2018.

WWE Royal Rumble 2019: Preview and predictions

The title is different from the earlier WWE Cruiserweight Championship that created in World Championship Wrestling and was discharged in 2007. Even though, the two titles share the same name but they do not share the similar title history.

The contenders who are going to fight for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship in a Fatal 4 Way match-up at the Royal Rumble are: Hideo Itami, Kalisto, Akira Tozawa and the present WWE Cruiserweight Championship title holder Buddy Murphy.

It is going to be a kind of multi-competitor match type where the wrestlers have to eliminate others until only one is left and the one who will stand last on the ring will hold the WWE Cruiserweight Championship title with him.

The question arise that who might possibly win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship 2019 or Buddy Murphy will get his title once again.  For this we have to firstly analyse the 4 contenders, that who is the best to win the title.

Buddy Murphy has been consistent and his performance is also improving from the day he won the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. He will give his best to not let anyone taking his title from his hands.

Talking about Hideo Itami, he is the former KENTA and was one of the best finest wrestlers in the world, but it was only in previous time, now his performance in WWE has been a disappointed day by day, and he is the least anticipated wrestler to win the title. But he prove everyone wrong by winning the title, then he can build up his previous image once again.

On the other hand, Kalisto was also crowned United States Champion previously in his initial years of WWE . The fact he is currently competing in a comedy stable with Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado tells you all you need to know about Kalisto climbing the card again in WWE. It’s not going to happen.

While talking about Akira Tozawa, might give a great competition to Buddy Murphy as he is super talented and consistent with his performance. Also, he is the one amongst the 3, who is most probable to grab the title from Buddy Murphy hands. He is most anticipated to give a huge competition to the other contenders including Buddy Murphy too.

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