Google, Facebook prompt Indian users to vote in advance of the Lok Sabha elections in India

As we all know that Lok Sabha elections 2019 are approaching and in advance of election season Google and Facebook, two of the most widespread tech platforms in India, have taken it upon themselves to instruct their operators and make them ready to vote.


  • Google and Facebook are rolling out features to inform users on how to register to vote.
  • Google is sending prompts to Android users as to how users can register to vote.
  • Facebook will introduce a ‘Register Now’ button to encourage first time users to register to vote.

Each of the companies has presented a sequence of phases to impulse the internet users and first time operators in the nation to register in order to vote in the country.

On the other hand, Google on its part has in progress distributing prompts to Android operators that provides them full data or information on how to register themselves in order to vote in advance of the Lok Sabha elections.

This huge tech platform is not only providing information as how operators can register themselves to vote for the Indian general election 2019 but also, it is providing a complete list of necessities that people must to be capable to register to vote for the forthcoming elections.

To anoher side from this, the company has also presented latest features in India in order to safeguard total transparency which is need to be upheld all through the campaigning on its platform in advance of the elections that are planned to take place in the middle of April and May this year.

The company has updated its elections ads policy in India. The latest policy would necessitate that those publicists who want to run election ads in India, should arrange for a pre-certificate which is issued by the Election Commission of India. Without this, no one can access to new feature by the Google, therefore, you need the certificate in advance of running an ad on Google’s platform.

At that time, Google will then confirm the identity of the publicists in advance of letting their ads to run on its platform.

Moreover, the company is also presenting two more features such as Advertising Transparency Report feature and Political Ads Library in India. The Political Ads Library will allow Indian citizens to filter out the political ads on the basis of date, amount spent, type and many more which are running on Google’s platform.

While on the other hand, Facebook will send out notification to those citizens who are entitled to vote. It will present a ‘Register Now’ button that is intended to inspire first time operators to register to vote. This option is going to be available to Facebook users in coming days. Apart from English language it will be available in 12 other different Indian languages such as Hindi, Oriya, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Assamese, Telugu, Urdu, Punjabi, Malayalam, Bengali and Kannada.

Shivnath Thukral, Facebook’s Public Policy Director for India & South Asia, said, “As part of our efforts, on National Voters Day on January 25, a voter registration reminder will appear at the top of the News Feed as a reminder service for all the voters”.

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