FFIC Silver Tokens How to get Crimson Parkour Bundle free in Free Fire

Recently teasers of several events have been made accessible to Indian Free Fire servers to observe the Free Fire India Championship (FFIC). With that, this will also provide the game players with a clue of that how will they get the various incentives such as costume bundles, character trails, and many more at the FFIC. While if we talk about the ‘Be a Champion’ program they will give the game players the chance to get not only the Crimson Parkour Bundle free of cost but also several rewards such as Bronze Altar Loot Crate and many more. Stick to collect each update of the game.


As we have told you above in this article the Crimson Parkour Bundle will be accessible in the Be a Champion event and with that let us tell you that for its further redemption it will take place between October 17th,2021, and October 20th,2021, and for that players have to gather a particular number of FFIC Silver Tokens. Now with that, we are providing below the details on the no. of tokens that the game players have to gather up.

  1. Regal Gold (Avatar) – 10x FFIC Silver Tokens
  2. Regal Adornment (Banner) – 10x FFIC Silver Tokens
  3. Bronze Altar Loot Crate – 12x FFIC Silver Tokens
  4. Crimson Parkour Bundle – 15x FFIC Silver Tokens

By completing the mission in the Play Like A Pro event, the gamer will be able to get the respective tokens. And after grabbing the Tokens, the game users can go after the following mentioned steps for claiming the bundle after the date October 17th,2021. So follow these steps to learn how to claim the bundle.

1st Step:  First, At the Lobby screen display of Free Fire the game players hap to tap on the Calendar icon to enter the events Tab.

2nd Step: Now accessing the Events tab next is to player will find the ‘Be A Champion’ Event.

3rd Step: After the absolution of the redemption process beginning, the game player will be able to get the Crimson Parkour Bundle by swapping the total silver coins of 15x FFIC and complete their FFIC event in Freefire. For more updates then stick with us and stay tuned with us.

The Free Fire Top  Crimson Bundle is the most popular and trending online battle game which always brings incredible skins and material in the game. And with that, the Crimson bundle is one of the most popular sets which is used and for that, all the users of the games always want to get their own.

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