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The Flag of American Samoa is celebrated every year on April 17 and mainly, it is also known as a public holiday in American Samoa on April 17 every year. It is said that the 17th of April falls on any Weekend and if it doesn’t happen so, the holiday is observed on the nearest weekday. As per the sources, the holiday is mainly observed on the anniversary of American Samoa becoming a territory of the US in 1900. A discover’s day is also known as Columbus Day and mainly called in American Samoa. The day is celebrated for the Christopher Columbus discovery and American Samoa’s growing industry.

Flag of American Samoa Day

On this day, the population of American Samoa celebrated this day with their family and relatives and the first flag was raised in 1900. Many families and offices fly stars, stripes, and American Samoa’s flag during the holiday celebration. Along with this celebration, American Samoa also celebrate this day with some activities like parades, cricket matches, feasts, and longboat races. Also, some more activities are played here like traditional dance and music battling.

The Samoan Island is located in the center of the South Pacific and all these islands were settled in around 1000 BCE by Polynesians. Dutch navigator Jacob Roggeveen was the first European who faced Samoa’s island in 1722. In 1878, the United States of America signed an agreement for establishing a naval station in Pago Pago Harbor. But the agreement of 1899 separated Samoa into a sphere of influence like the United States control the eastern islands and on the other side, Germany controlled the Western islands. The Tutuila was signed in the area of Pago Pago on 17th April 1900.

The flag of American Samoa shows a red-edged triangle of white which is pointing to the hoist that captured the eagle and clutching a war arrow with the dark blue upper and downside of the triangle. In April 1960, the replacement of stars and stripes adopted as an official flag of American Samoa. Since the day, the flag has chosen for the territory of American Samoa and the colors were chosen in the flag is shows the tradition of Samoa and the US.

While, the eagle in the flag, the blue, white, and red color show the togetherness of the United States. Till 20th February 1904, all the island of eastern had been added to the United States, although, the Congress of the US did not accept the deeds till the date. The flag raised first time on April 17, 1960. In the previous year of 1960, the flag of Samoa won the flag’s design competiton at Samoana High School and designed by Fareti Sotoa who is a high school student.

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