Gaza: Father Describes Young Daughter’s Killing by Israel, Latest News

The Gaza and Israel war is still international and covering topics. Several innocent people were killed in Gaza and Israel. A similar incident left everyone shocked and in disbelief. According to the sources, a 4-year-old girl was shot dead by Israel. The innocent 4-year-old girl took her last breath in her father’s arms. The father of the victim is remembering the loss of his daughter in the Gaza and Israel war. The father is expressing his feelings about losing her daughter. In this report, we will give you information regarding the victim and the circumstances surrounding the incident. Stay tuned for more information.


The 4-year-old daughter is identified as a Salma Jaber. As per the details, the daughter Salma Jaber was shot dead by Israelis. The incident happened in December 2023. Salma Jaber was 4 years old at the time of her passing. The father of Salma Jaber revealed that during the incident time, their family was trying to escape Gaza City. Salma Jaber’s father’s name is Hussein Jaber who lost his daughter in an unexpected event. The father Hussein Jaber remembers that his daughter was killed by Israeli forces. There are only Salma Jaber’s photos and memories are left in her family’s diary. Learn more in the next section.

Father Describes Young Daughter’s Killing by Israel

The father of Salma Jaber is a photographer who works with the UNRWA. He said that the family was escaping Gaza City on December 5, 2023, but sadly in this incident, they lost their 4-year-old daughter Salma Jaber. Salma Jaber’s father said the people were following the army’s instruction and we were also involved in it, everyone was waiting, and my family had been living in a building for the last four days, but I was living at another place for the work. In addition, Salma was coming towards me with Sarah when the massive gunfire broke out. Scroll down the page to learn more.

Salma is described as an innocent and joyful daughter. Salma’s father said it was my life’s most heartbreaking moment, I never thought this would happen with my family, I saw my daughter killed by the Israeli army, she was in my arms… she was suffering from the pain but still she was running towards me. Somehow, I started running to Salma and took her into the car, while my children and wife kept walking towards me. I forget when I hit in the arm as I was just looking at Salma’s pain. Keep following the Dekh News for more updates.

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