Mohali Mall: Man From Jammu and Kashmir Shot Dead Outside

The recent viral news is coming that a native of Jammu and Kashmir was shot dead in Mahali. As per the details, a heartbreaking incident happened outside the Mohali mall in which a Jammu and Kashmir native was shot dead. This news has gone viral on the internet and caught the attention of the viewers. The incident is becoming an international topic. People are coming on the internet and showing their interest to know the circumstances surrounding the incident. If you want to know the complete information regarding the same go through the page and read the full article. Stay tuned to know more in detail.

Mohali Mall

A Jammu and Kashmir man was shot dead. The tragedy took place at Sector 67 which is located in Mohali. It is a murder case. The officials revealed the identification of the victim. Rajesh Dogra was identified as the victim who was a native of Jammu and Kashmir. The victim was shot dead on a busy road at Sector 67 in Punjab’s Mohali. The incident has shocked everyone. The people also want to know the identification of the shooter. Now, the question is raised whether they both knew each other. Learn more in the next section.

Man From Jammu and Kashmir Shot Dead Outside

As we earlier mentioned, Rajesh Dogra is the victim who was shot dead by an unknown person on Monday afternoon. The dead body of Rajesh Dogra was sent to the forensic. There were 19 bullets were found in his dead body. He was fired by an unidentified assailant on Monday afternoon. Sandeep Garg, the SSP said, one person was shot dead on the Airport road, we have also got some clues and we will find out soon, about 10 to 16 rounds were fired at them”. The police and forensics teams revealed that 10 rounds were fired on the Jammu and Kashmir resident Rajesh Dogra. Scroll down the page to learn more.

According to the police statement, it is a case of enmity. The suspect has a previous enmity with the victim, said police. The police reached the incident place for the investigation. The dead body of the victim is rushed to the civil hospital in phase 6. Furthermore, 4 to 5 unidentified persons came in two-vehicle. They opened fire on the Rajesh Dogra. The police also found the bullet on the road outside the mall where the incident happened. The identification of the victims is still unclear. The Punjab Police is actively working on this case. Keep following the Dekh News for more updates.

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