Goa Police Identified Two Suspects In Monika Ghurdes Murder Case

Goa Police Identified Two Suspects In Monika Ghurdes Murder Case :- Monika Ghurde’s murder case has taken a new turn as the Goa Police on Saturday announced they had identified two men who are suspected to have the involvement in the assassination case of Monika.



According to the Goa Police, two men were captured in the CCTV footage of an ATM nearby Porvorim. The Goa police soon sent the special team to the Bengaluru where the both the suspected people were captured in the ATM using the same ATM card.

Meanwhile, according to the post-mortem that was conducted at the Goa Medical College, Monika died of smothering. The Deputy Superintendent of Police Mahesh Gaonkar informed media wing that ” it has now confirmed that Monika died of Smothering.”

There were a lot of allegations that Monika maybe raped before her murder. But, Mahesh Gaonkar told media wing that ” there is no serological examination till now. This examination will be conducted soon and only after that everything will be cleared whether she was raped or not?

Monika who was a well-known photographer was found dead in her rented flat in posh Sangolda village on October 6. The former dead body was revealed when her maid came to her house and felt suspect when Monika did not open the door around 9 am.

Goa Police firmly believes that Monika was raped and murdered on the afternoon on 5 October. Meanwhile, Police has apparently denied that this murder was done with the motive of robbery as nothing was missing there.

Monika separated with her husband few time back, and she was leaving alone in her apartment.