Latest News: Autonomous Car Testing To Expand In California

Latest News: Autonomous Car Testing To Expand In California :- The world is taking its tiny step in the field of science and engineering to develop itself in every field. The automobiles have been the pinnacle of the development as it is achieved some unbelievable feat in recent times.


Recently, there were a lot of talk about the Autonomous car with numbers of the automobile, and other companies are trying luck in this type of vehicle’s concept.

The latest news is coming out that the California will feature the testing of the numbers of the autonomous vehicle of different automobiles companies. It is believed that the companies like Valeo and Wheego have been permitted to test drive the autonomous vehicle on the streets of California.

According to the one of the leading journal of California, the state has authorized couple op companies to test the autonomous vehicle in California. The automobiles companies will now begin their testing, although a skilled human driver will still be assigned to every autonomous vehicle to avoid unwanted circumstances.

Meanwhile, the California government has also permitted other 17 corporations that have been authorized to test their autonomous vehicle on the streets of California. The companies like Tesla, Google, Ford, Baidu, Nissan, and Honda are in the list of 17 of countries that have the authorization to test their vehicle on California.

Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see how the testing of autonomous vehicle of the different corporation will on. But, one thing is guaranteed as it will be a great achievement in the field of the automobile if the companies will get succeeded in the testing of their autonomous vehicles.