Greg Gutfeld Attacks Michigan Supreme Court Ruling Asking Judges to Respect Preferred Pronouns

Greg Gutfeld attacks Michigan Supreme Court ruling asking judges to respect preferred pronouns, calls it ‘scary’. Greg Gutfeld criticizes the Michigan Supreme Court’s decision to require judges to honor preferred pronouns, labeling it as unsettling. In a groundbreaking decision, the Michigan Supreme Court has endorsed the practice of judges using individuals’ preferred pronouns in court proceedings, marking the first instance of a state taking this significant step towards fostering inclusivity within the legal system. During his September 29th episode, Greg Gutfeld, the resident comedian and late-night show host on Fox News, voiced his opposition to the ruling. He characterized the decision as a ‘frightening’ development that may have implications for the direction court proceedings take from now on.

Greg Gutfeld Attacks Michigan Supreme Court

According to Bridge Michigan, the Michigan Supreme Court has advanced the cause of inclusivity in courtrooms by instructing judges to respect individuals’ preferred pronouns or use other acceptable means as chosen by the parties involved. Among the seven judges on the highest court, five supported this decision. This ruling is applicable to all aspects of court proceedings, encompassing in-person hearings and any written documents prepared by judges that pertain to the involved parties, including attorneys and their clients. In addition to using they/them pronouns, judges and court personnel have the option to refer to the involved parties by their names. Those judges who violate these rules can be subject to various penalties, ranging from reprimand to removal from their judicial positions.

Greg Gutfeld Attacks Michigan Supreme Court Ruling Asking Judges

This regulation is set to be formally enforced across all state courts starting on January 1, 2024. In addition to his affiliation with Fox News, Gutfeld has gained a reputation for being highly critical of progressive views and initiatives concerning gender and sexuality. He recently expressed his disapproval of the Michigan Supreme Court’s ruling during an episode of his late-night show, ‘Gutfeld!’. Gutfeld remarked that what he referred to as “trans-madness” has transitioned from issues like access to girls’ bathrooms to becoming a courtroom matter. He also suggested that this particular ruling might inadvertently facilitate easier access for offenders to women’s prisons. Gutfeld has consistently criticized the inclusion of trans women in women’s prisons, contending that it could lead to instances of sexual assault.

He remarked, “From the perpetrator’s perspective, using they/them pronouns might present an advantageous legal strategy. If successful, you’re released. But if unsuccessful, you end up in a women’s prison.” He also expressed concern, saying, “This is somewhat alarming to me because there isn’t any scientific basis for this decision. It appears to be driven solely by people’s demands, and a courtroom should ideally remain insulated from such influence.”

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