Live Updates: Gurgaon waterlogging blocks NH8 Gurugram traffic is moving slowly

Gurugram:  On Thursday, there was a monster traffic jam as vehicles were struck for over 14 hours at the Delhi – Jaipur Highway, mainly from Gurugram to Manesar due to a Drain damaged at the highway.


The flood like situation at the Expressway due to the overflow of Badshahpur Drain due to the heavy rainfall in the city.

Over 4 feet deep water was witnessed inundating some places near the Expressway.


The fuel of most of the vehicle is empty. People were hungry, thirsty and they were very tired of being struck in the jam more than 14 hours.

On Thursday evening, a heavy rains lashed Gurugram. The rain was relentless for more than 2 hours in the city. Due to heavy rains in the city, the water logging at the roads and ensuing traffic jam on the Expressway Highway.


There is no proper drainage in the entire Gurugram city which leads to worst situation  in the city during rains. The traffic cops of the city were seen doing their best to manage the traffic, they were not of much help.

Navdeep Singh Virk who is the Gurugram Police Commissioner said that the district police force and the entire traffic cops was on the roads to help the commuters.

The Government of Haryana calls a urgent meeting on this situation to help the commuters who struck at the jam for more than 14 housr on the Delhi – Jaipur Highway mainly from Gurugram to Manesar Highway.


However, this heavy rains brought relief to the farmers as paddy requires plenty of water. The power demand is also expected to decline.