Haryana Congress Leader Vikas Chaudhary Shot Dead Outside Gym, Murder On CCTV

Haryana Congress Leader Vikas Chaudhary Shot Dead Outside Gym, Murder On CCTV: On Thursday morning, Vikas Chaudhary who is the Haryana Congress leader was shot dead in Faridabad on the outskirts of the national capital Delhi. The 38 year old young politician was attacked in Sector 9 in Faridabad.

As per to the officials, the attack took place in the morning just as he was parking outside a gym that he was well-known to frequent in Faridabad’s Sector 9.

At that very moment, as per reported 2 attackers came in who were inside a car and had fired numerous shots aiming to Vikas Chaudhary.

This brutal attack was captured in the gym’s CCTV camera that is showing total of two men approaching towards Vikas Chaudhary’s sports utility vehicle, covering him from both the sides and firing at him. One of the attackers fired at him through the wind shield, while the other assailant on the other hand approached him from the driver’s side and then shot at him.

Vikas Chaudhary was immediately rushed to a local hospital but did not survive and the doctors pronounced him dead.

Dr Saurabh at the hospital said, “Doctors tried their best to save him… Our entire team was there but he had been shot too many times… We could not save him.”

He further stated that the post-mortem would give a clear picture of the total number of bullets that was shot to the young politician. Dr Saurabh, on the other hand, also added that doctors who treated him had spotted at least 10 bullet injuries.

Though, from the CCTV footage which was in the gym and has captured the fatal incident did not reveal that whether the attackers were following Vikas Chaudhary or were just waiting for him there to come in.

But the footage do shows that those 2 assailants have being dropped off in a white sedan even as Vikas Chaudhary was parking his SUV.

The investigation is being carried out and there is so such statement from the officials regarding the incident as the case is in its initial stage and will be updated as soon as they will get to know about something.

The Congress on this incident expressed their condolence and tweeted, “We are deeply angered and saddened by this act of grotesque violence against a member of the Congress Party. We urge the Haryana government to bring the perpetrators to justice at the earliest. Our sincere condolences to his family in this time of grief”.

Vikas Chaudhary, was the spokesperson of the Haryana Congress, and is said to have been close to Haryana Congress chief Ashok Tanwar. He had lately switched to the party, after leaving the Indian National Lok Dal (INLD). He crossed over to the Congress in the year 2015 when INLD unnoticed his claim for a ticket in Haryana’s state elections and fielded a BJP turncoat.