Highway 2 Accident: Fatal Multiple-Vehicle Crash Blocks Near Coram CCTV Footage

We are sharing this news that has been reported from Montana, United States. It has been reported that a multivehicle crash has occurred near Coram of Montana. The crash was so horrific that it took over the life of one person. The crash occurred near the old Highway 2. What was the reason for this multi-vehicle crash and what is the present situation at the location, people are trying to find out that. Who lost life, all the questions are coming in the minds of people. We are providing with you the entire information that we have sourced yet. Scroll down to get the info about the multi-vehicle crash that occurred in Coram.

Fatal Multiple-Vehicle Crash Blocks

It has been reported that the multi-vehicle crash has blocked the traffic in Carom. According to the fresh reports, Both the lanes near the intersection with old Highway 2 of Carom are blocked and it will take some hours to restart the highway as per the officials. A logging truck collided with a vehicle that consequently collided with others. The Flathead County sheriff officials are looking after the situation and investigating it. The police officials are guiding the people to take alternative routes since both lanes are highly blocked.

Fatal Multiple-Vehicle Crash Blocks

Flathead County Sheriff Brian Heino told the media that they are trying their best to control the situation. County Sheriff Brian Heino told that crash was reported at around 4 pm. However, the officials have not provided the information about the deceased man. Montana Highway Patrol with all life-saving measures is present at the accident site. However, they have not revealed the number of victims involved in the accident. The crash information was provided by the Montana Department of Transportation at first on Twitter.

In another accident that also has been reported from Highway 2 near Marion on Saturday afternoon, a woman lost her life. According to the reports, a 17 years old woman was driving Subaru Legacy. She was turning her vehicle left on a curve. suddenly, the vehicle went off the road to the right. She tried to overcorrect but failed and lost control of the car. Her car rotated and rolled over the guardrail. She died on the spot. Although she was wearing a seatbelt but could not be saved as per the officials. The information about the multi-vehicular crash is also awaited as officials have not provided much information till now. We will be back to you whenever we sourced. Stay tuned for more updates.

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