Hike in price of LPG cylinder by Rs.90

Hike in price of LPG cylinder by Rs.90 :- On Wednesday, there is a hike in the price of LPG Cylinder. After the price hike, the one can get the LPG cylinder by Rs. 86 costlier than previous one.

But, the government said that it would soon subsidise the increased amount. Those who had already ordered for a gas cylinder will have to give more than what they used to pay earlier for a cylinder. After hiking in the price of Gas Cylinder, now a person will have to pay the amount of Rs. 828 if he/she wants to order a cylinder. But, the person will receive the amount of Rs 347 back into their respective bank account as the part of the Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme.

As per the DBT, the one will receive the amount back into their bank a/c if they had attached the AADHAR card with their respective account. Until the end of last month, customers had to pay the amount of Rs. 738 to order for an LPG cylinder.

LPG price hike the rate per gas cylinder has gone up by Rs. 90 inclusive of all taxes in the Hyderabad city. The distributors of the LPG cylinders are expecting a further price rise for the LPG cylinder in future.

The President of LPG Dealers’ Association – Mr. D. Ashok Kumar explained that LPG is like a yarn but the cylinder is like a cloth. Since GST is imposed on the end-product, we expect the price to increase further when GST is rolled out from July.

The oil marketing companies also said that the price of the LPG price increase is in line with the international LPG prices.