The CEO of Himesh Reshammiya’s music company Andy Singh commits suicide

The CEO of Himesh Reshammiya’s music company Andy Singh commits suicide :- The morning brought a devastating news for Bollywood singer Himesh Reshmmiya and for his music company as the CEO of the company, Andy Singh has committed suicide. It is believe that the 46-year-old was suffering from the depression since the separation of him from her wife. The reports suggest that Andy Singh was hanged himself in his bedroom on Saturday.

The Oshiwara police in an interaction with media wing put some light on this matter as they said ” Andy was leaving with his mother and girlfriend in his house. Andy has a 9-year-old daughter from the first wife, and she was there in the house when he committed suicide. Just before committing suicide, the 46-year old had a heated argument with his mother regarding his separation with his wife and just after that he committed suicide.”

He also revealed that Andy was drinking with her girlfriend before committing suicide and he always used to have a fight with her mother for his separation with his wife as she used to taunt him for it.

The family discovered his suicide when he did not open his door and then his mother and girlfriend approached him and later broke the door and found him dead. The Police said that they will take the statements from the close relatives of Andy and also from his former wife.

Meanwhile, Himesh Reshammiya himself tweeted about this tragic incident and given his condolence to the passing of the CEO of his music company.