How Have Cloud Based Technologies Benefited Industries?

It has taken a while for the technology to evolve, but it is now really coming into its own. Cloud computing is on the rise and offers numerous advantages to both individuals and to businesses. Here we examine the technology and how cloud based technologies have benefited industry.

More Agile Systems

One of the main advantages to using cloud based computing systems is that they are more agile. That is to say, they are updated more regularly and doing so is quicker than if it were to be done “in-house”. As a company’s system is accessing things such as software from a central location, the updates don’t have to be applied to every individual device that they are used on – just centrally.

The benefits of having a more agile system means that work can be completed more efficiently as factors such as breakdowns are reduced significantly. It also means that companies can be more competitive within industry – many industries rely on the most up to date software and applications to give them a competitive advantage.

Spreading the Cost of Computing

Cloud computing is cost effective. This is because instead of having large infrequent capital outlays, instead there are small monthly bills. Not only does this save money over time it also enables companies to predict and forecast their budgets more effectively.

Remote Access

Another great advantage to using cloud based technology is that it can be accessed from any location and at any time. So, for example, if an engineer chooses to, they can work onsite as opposed from doing so from the office.

Added value here comes from the fact that staff can also access the cloud from their personal devices as well as from company computers. This offers workers more flexibility and the potential for a better work-life balance, whilst maintaining high productivity.

Improved Collaboration

When several people are working on the same documents, sharing them, once they have been updated or added to can be problematic. Not the case with cloud computing where several people can work on the same documents all at the same time and from various locations.

Increased Security

Using cloud based computing also means having more security. Should a laptop be lost or stolen, for instance, the valuable data that is help on it is irrecoverable – or worse still fall into the wrong hands. If that data is held in the cloud, however, it can still be accessed.

Plus, factors such as applying security patches is done as a matter of course. This takes the responsibility from the company in question and leaves them free to focus on their work – it saves time and money.

With improved efficiency, lower costs and better protection, cloud computing is the future for industry and beyond.